USMC Solutions, LLC (United Sales, Maintenance/Management, & Consulting Solutions) is an American based corporate/business aviation firm, with a global reach. The uniqueness of our brand, "USMC Solutions" actually states what we do & our character, core values, faith & professionalism is how we do it. We are proud to be a US Marine Corps Veteran founded and fully owned aviation firm/corporation.


USMC Solutions:

- United: with our clients in their journey.

- Sales: comprehensive & turnkey Brokerages, Acquisitions & Trades.

- Maintenance/Management: over 30 years of proven aviation maintenance experience (A&P / IA) & management of dynamic operations, compliant process leadership and professional assets management.

- Consulting: oversee/review, aviation process management, compliance, quality/safety, cost/value negotiations & return to service, for maintenance events & inspections/surveys, specializing in turbine engine evaluations.

- Solutions: fundamentally basic or uniquely creative, customer/client centric success & satisfaction is the goal!


We are a humble, yet a confident, dynamic and professional business/corporate aircraft firm with over 3 decades of proven aviation/aircraft experience and successes. Specializing as an executive/business/corporate aircraft Dealer & Consultant, focusing in areas of comprehensive brokerages, acquisitions, management & consulting. As an FAA certified/licensed technician & inspector (A&P / IA) we oversee, manage and lead any maintenance events (overhaul, rework, inspections, pre-purchase inspections/surveys, & for our valued customers & clients. We are known as a respected and trusted advisor, who is thorough and keen in our actions, responsibilities, & commitments, so our clients can make the highest valued informed decisions possible for their aviation needs & desires.

We have served our Friends: customer/clients, constituents & colleagues in aviation our entire career as a dynamic and motivated aviation professionals and we have been privileged to work directly for or with most all corporate aircraft OEMs and Commercial/Aftermarket service providers in both fixed and rotor wing sectors of our beloved aviation industry.

Contact:, Office: 972-226-0985, Mobile: 469-506-9385.



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